Who else slays in the middle of the night, but Beyonce?

This newborn photoshoot is everything for a myriad of reasons.

#1 Well did you see it?


Channeling Oshun the orisha the black goddess of fertility, Beyonce serves us all of the beauty and elegance that embodies new life. Black Motherhood and the divinity that seeps from the pores of this melanated goddess. The light that emulates from this trio not only melted the internet into an instant and collective AWWWWW! but that almost iridescent glow pouring from the energy that is in this photo, it screams everything is shaka (in my Blue Ivy voice).
#2 The Timing.



The Carter’s have a way of dropping things in the dead of night and taking the world by storm. Whether you are on the West Coast watching late night TV, on the East Coast in the middle of your sleep, or overseas just heading to brunch, you stop in the awe that is this family. The timing commands attention, and the attention is paid by the millions who share, retweet, and hashtag.
3. Black Motherhood, the beauty that it really is.

Blue kissing Beyoncé pregnant belly
The famed photo is powerful not only because of its apparent beauty but because of its implication. That Black Motherhood is a work of art, a masterpiece, something beautiful to uphold and celebrate. As new mothers we won’t all have access to a glam team, we may not take photos on hilltops, but we most definitely are all divine goddesses who defy physical odds to bring forth new life. Bringing life into the world is one of the single most beautiful acts in human nature. Beyonce slaying this photo with her newest gifts in her arms reminds us, that beyond the late nights, beyond the long days, beyond the strenuous labors, is a Black Goddess whose gift of life through her womb is one of greatest masterpieces of all.

Congrats again to Queen B.
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