Author: Diya Soma


Fourteen days in brings out the most urgency we’ve seen from the American left in 40 years.

The left is ready to fight. They’re ready to be morally superior to the right and silencing the most marginalized. They’re ready to deflect from their own brand of oppression. They’re ready to let us down again.
The issue liberals have is that they look upon the division in our nation as solely systematic, and not a collection of individual actions. They think going high when racist, sexist, islamaphobic Uncle Jeff goes low, is channeling empathy because the “real” problem is the system and those mean ol Republicans in office. Nevermind that Uncle Jeff is a store manager with the ability to affect the environment of his employees and customers.  Liberal’s sense of empathy is shallow because their understanding of justice is stagnant.
Everyday they grow sickened with how racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and all the oppressive systems, fuels people. However they miss the mark by not interacting with individuals accordingly. Such as how “progressives” Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren sees the Trump administration at large as an issue, but will vote to approve individual cabinet members.
 The conversations around oppressive systems and complicity focuses too much on the system and not the individual. Such approach allows ways to avoid accountability. Accountability to their humanitarian façade is a liberal nightmare.
Individuals are the ones that created it and maintains it. Individuals are who vote. Individuals are who draft laws. Individuals are who pass laws. Individuals are doctors. Individuals are teachers. Individuals are hiring managers and loan officers. Individuals are police officers. Individuals are lobbyists and CEOs. Individuals are gun happy, or 911 happy neighbors.
Each piece makes the whole, individuals ARE the system.
Through this Matrix of Oppression we see the power of the individual. The power of the individual is to create and maintain systems if you can convince other individuals of the same. It’s a collective effort, but that spark starts somewhere with someone . It’s important for individual people to be called out/in, to be called the task, to be held accountable. Our implicit biases are what influences our interactions in this world and other people’s experiences.
There is no system without people.
 When people are participant in social justice through a means of seeing the “system” for what it is, they often don’t self evaluate often enough.  They end up maintaining the same system they claim to be fighting against. Social Justice is an altruistic internal battle. We’re fighting ourselves, the result of human nature, evolution, and sinister programming.
 Liberals and all human beings in general, need to confront this head-on.  By looking in the mirror and stop trying to scapegoat the system as if it could exist without humans.

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