Author: Julia Walker

What can I do but listen now?
In these times, nothing will be safe.

The blood of our ancestors was spilt with no apology. So, why would ours would be any different?

History will prove itself our most valuable resource.
Dreams and convening with the ancestors spell out methods of survival.

What seem like warnings of a conspiracy theorist are pleas from them through me to not make the avoidable mistakes.

Dandelion root to help connecting while asleep with spirits, flax seed for dreams and the protection of children, cinnamon for general protection and good towards yourself, lemongrass for personal protection and mint for mental strength and clarity are most frequently factors in a cup of tea for me.


Self-care to me now a mix of creating art and survival planning.

Part of that includes memorizing and relearning what seemed like useless facts from before. Also, improving language skills (duolingo is FREE), creating art in case my ability to do so is later taken, and teaching my children how to survive outside.
Unschool lessons more than one day have centered around an event that I am planning, so community work aligns with my parenting style and can be done together. Painting involves a setup for three people unless the two smaller members of our family are sleeping.


Neglecting my short term wellness in an attempt to live long term under a fascist regime is the current plan of action because time doesn’t always allow for sleep.

Many of us are scared.

Scared because of our children.
Fear can make you helpless.

But that fear is what drives me.

I will NOT allow my children to accept life under a fascist regime.

I am not sure that what needs to happen is now as far as mobilizing the masses – too many other people need to ACT before relaxing can happen but at this point, I am sure that my personal time is being spent well.

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