“The way I dressed for the last 2 years I would be considered a bum in the states. I literally walked around barefoot. The car I drove would have not got me any looks. My hair is nappy. I have lost care for materialistic things. After 8 years of not having a job I have to move back to the states because I am running low on money. I have never been so happy in my life. I don’t want to come back to the states. Tears run down my face because now I will be forced to put my mask back on. I have to smile and act as if I’m happy. I have to purchase nice sneakers. I have to get a nice car because lets be honest who wants to be joked on? I have a lot to be mad about and please don’t ask me to smile when I return. I don’t want to live in the states. I am coming to make money to return back to the place that never judged me. The place that never pulled me over because I was black. The place that supported me. I am going to miss you Puerto Rico. Please save a spot for me.”


-Daniel Lebron

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