Roaring Gold is proud to present Merry Janes: a new weekly multi-authored column written by black cannabis consuming mothers. Nothing will be off limits as they dive into the realities, pleasures, and affairs surrounding marijuana and how their multi-marginalized identities converge to create unique lives and experiences. Let’s meet our columnists!


I’m a stoner, been high recreationally and for medicinal purposes, now with a mix of the two, emphasis on the latter.

Weed saved my life – the psychiatric meds I was on for PPD (post-partum depression) did nothing but make me spend the day fighting ideations of suicide since what was wrong with me is C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder), not the depression I was given as a diagnosis. Also have a couple of chronic illnesses, the one harming my GI tract and immune system being the most painful these past couple of years.

Even if those issues did not exist I would indulge, but it makes me more able to function in this body and with these ailments to medicate.

Black femmes aren’t known to be the most considered of people so self medication makes sense. Trusting the medical industry with my intersections is a risky venture, one that I took and almost lost life behind. So, call it what you will, but I love MARY JANE!

My contributions will primarily be about concentrates and dealing with having chronic illnesses while living in poverty and trying to parent.

Dorothy Haze:

Marijuana entered my life at 17 in a course of curiosity. Using occasionally for some time, at 18 weed became part of regular routine. Throughout college and beyond, I cannot say smoking was truly a means of escape so much as it was a means of amusement in a time of juvenescence. Many a night were spent under purple lights in smoky bathrooms, teddy grahams and blunts passed in cypher. It was common for us to record our shenanigans using my computer’s webcam and it was in a sober viewing session that I decided that I had grown “too grown” for our bathroom antics.

It was 7 years and multiple children later that my interest was reawakened.  Knowing no mother, especially no black mother, who openly talked about smoking with small children and especially not while breastfeeding, I took to the internet for research. With little scientific analysis about breastfeeding and consuming cannabis and sparse anecdotal evidence, I put my desires on the back burner to ruminate. Eventually I would befriend a birth ethics professor who, coincidentally, was also pregnant. I knew she fancied wine with laughter or a meal but it surprised me when she reached for a joint that was being passed around during an afternoon among friends. Besides schooling me on the campaign driving alcohol consumption during pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome (which, to put mildly, is a misrepresentation and to put commonly, is bullshit), she eased my mind about cannabis.

“I’m concerned about weed, I’ve read that THC (in uncertain but probably small amounts) does pass through breastmilk.”

“And what have you ever heard or studied about THC that is negative?”

And that, was that.

These days I indulge mostly for anxiety relief, creativity, and patience. And I’m not looking back.

Chocolope Chickadee:

Flowers, Concentrates and Edibles, Oh My!

Chocolope Chickadee is here to share the best in medicated mothering. As a Black Femme and Root Mama I’m here to share my secrets on flower blends, tinctures and recipes along with anecdotes and experiences as I reminisce on almost a decade of dank decadence!

Chocolope, a euphoric and inspiring sativa is my namesake for this column because of its motivational and positive effects; that’s exactly who I am as a member of Merry Janes. I see cannabis as a traditional substance we can and should reclaim. Once a readily accessible plant in Black and Brown communities and utilized in all it’s many forms (solid, liquid, smoke) cannabis  has been tarnished by stigma and discrimination for generations. Uncool!

Ten years ago I began accepting my adult reality of body trauma, chronic anxiety and nothing but failed prescriptions/suggestions for surgeries. In 2008 I began reclaiming the straight up magic of marijuana and by 2011 I was a root mama, creating flower blends and tinctures for postpartum wellness. Cannabis has saved my life repeatedly and I’m excited to share my knowledge with Roaring Gold and its members.

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