Author: Briana Ureña-Ravelo

Friendly reminder that while I believe wholeheartedly that no one, regardless of race, should be the victim of violence and victims of violence, regardless of race, deserve justice–prisons and our systems of law and order do not deliver it. Prisons and police are not solutions, they are a perpetuation of violence, specifically class and race-based violence, which are inextricable from one another. I don’t celebrate incarceration.

Friendly reminder that a disproportionate, irrational, blood-thirsty call for marginalized groups of people or racial advocacy/anti-racist activist groups to speak for all members of their group or race when individuals commit anything from heinous injustices to petty crimes is white supremacy and racism.

Friendly reminder that racism is still prejudice + power + social contexts. It would take a massive restructuring of social hierarchies, a destruction of white supremacy, a superimposing of new racial hierarchies, and centuries of violence under said new system to changes that. 1492-today and millions of lives lost and changed and centuries of indoctrination and trauma doesn’t disappear because of A Viral Video of Some Black People Doing Some Fucked Up Shit. Bad blood isn’t so easily washed away.

Friendly reminder that too often, disabled and non-neurotypical folks are disproportionate targets for violence and that’s erased because it behooves people in power to do so. Instead, they are pathologized and seen as inherently more violent than others members of society. Ways that they are “treated,” “rehabilitated,” educated or forced to code and engage in society are often violent to them. They are targeted by people of all backgrounds because this erasure enables further marginalization and thus violence.

Friendly reminder that most of the people of color who are disproportionately victims of violence are often disabled, mentally ill and/or and non-neurotypical and this is not taken into account when we are targeted or assaulted. No one gives a shit about the long, deep history of the intersection of ableism and white supremacy. No one gives a shit about Black disabled victims of racial violence. 

Friendly reminder that Black people do not claim to be superhuman, flawless, unable to be held accountable, incapable of perpetuating ill, hurt, abuse, wrong or violence. We just don’t want to be hypercriminalized and targeted and abused. We do not believe current systems of law and justice are fair or humane and instead see them as an extension of a history of enslavement and colonial violence. We instead want alternatives to and the ability to heal from the violence and trauma we’ve experienced under colonialism and white supremacy.

Friendly reminder that a culture that is pro-death penalty, pro-police, pro-military, pro-environmental devastation and racist, colonialist, patriarchal, rapacious, white supremacist, and bankrupt can’t turn the fuck around and be surprised when its citizens only know how to act and deal in violence.

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