I was taught the old school methods – smoking flowers in their dried format and cooking into butters. Concentrates are relatively new to me: it has only been four years since the first experience and this past was the first that they were my primary method.

Pain management is how initially I became aware at all that this method existed and it was right in time for my autoimmune disease to start harming organs. Concentrates, if dosed properly, can keep me out of the hospital for months at a time instead of the weeks it takes unmedicated. Compared to flowers, I consume far less also, a gram of concentrate lasts about the same length of time as 14 grams of flowers.

There are multiple types of concentrates and all are effective but handle slightly differently as the textures vary.
My favorite type, budder, is mid texture and what I find most practical to use in different climates, then crumble the easiest to handle directly, oils that can be consumed multiple ways, shatter – what I was introduced to and to wax, it’s equally sticky cousin – my least favorite texture. 

Options to dab include table rigs, bubblers, and pens, which come in single use or multipurpose.

  • I like to use a pen because I can hit it and hide it: no torches or large chunks of glass around, making it the most safe option both for hiding and using on the go! Mine also has a USB charger that works quickly, adding to its functionality.

    Ooze Curved Neck Globe
    Ooze Curved Neck Globe

    Ooze 1100 Twist Battery
    Ooze 1100 Twist Battery




Concentrates smell far less than flowers, the smell completely dissipating within about two minutes when pulling from an Ooze pen on high with fresh coils. I am working now on trying out many brands of pen with different strains in order to tell which, if any, smell the least. A person that does not consume at all but knows the smell did not believe me until I pulled it out of my pocket and let her feel the warmth from use about 90 seconds after a pull from a GPEN Slim.

Main drawback is that maintenance of a pen can be more than that of a pipe; wax and the resin from inside a pipe are roughly the same texture making the wax’s resin harder to handle.
There are four parts to my ooze pen: glass over the bowl, the bowl itself where the coils are, the part that connects that to the battery and the battery itself.

To clean the glass alcohol can be used, but I prefer witchhazel. Same premise as a 420 type cleaner, just soak, be patient and wipe thoroughly! There are coils inside of the pen that must also be cleaned which requires boiling and is my least favorite part of maintenance so much so that I give mine to a friend to clean and use themself more often than not. The battery needs nothing but to be charged and occasionally wiped off from fingerprints and the colors change from green – fully charged, white – in use, not fully charged and red – out of battery and the connector of the bowl and battery is the same, the witchhazel left on my cloth from cleaning the bowl area is enough to clean everything else except the coils. 


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