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After a busy week preparing for the new year, I decided for Merry Jane’s to tweak my regular medicine routines to occasionally give readers clear reviews on popular strains.

Usually I buy in bulk depending on my choice: smoke, concentrates or edibles. Rarely one for edibles unless I have an abnormal amount of pain (like post birth, surgery or other body trauma), I receive between a quarter to a half ounce every 1-2 weeks. When concentrates rule my world I stick with nothing under 75% THC and prefer carrier oils like hemp or coconut oil for a better vape flavor and aftertaste. I note these because so frequently cannabis mother’s hide or dishonestly disclose their dose requirements out of fear.

My dosing is what it is because of my tolerance, pure and simple! I have a high tolerance for many substances and medications. From my first medicinal dosage in 2009 to now, it’s gone up a whopping .5 grams per session. Not much to any seasoned toker. Nonetheless, novice participants tend to gasp at my consumption rate much like some gasp at the high milligram numbers on the bottle of Xanax.

Oh, stigma shaming!

This week I received Matthew McConaughey, a manageable indica dominant hybrid and Great White Shark, a popular Sativa.

Upon first inspection, I feel safe in saying MM is safe for all. It’s a hybrid that allows me to still be in control of my thought processes, tasks and responsibilities while taking the edge off of minor physical aches and pains. For those looking to ride a more cathartic wave, I wouldn’t suggest this bud. While lovely and heady and fuzzy it isn’t dank as fuck and won’t have you stuck unless you are exhausted anyway.

The Great White Shark, my friends, was worth the crazy waves of munchies as it once had me inspecting pizza dough after dinner like I was some judge on Cut Throat Kitchen. I was literally sitting intently playing with my dinner after only a bowl of this strong ass Sativa. It definitely helps with creatively and light hearted socialization so this is a suggested strain for fellow parenting adults feeling the chill of winter cabin fever and who need a motivational boost in morale. Because I stick strictly to Sativa’s till sundown as part of my personal preference unless I’m having anxiety, GWS is totally acceptable as a day time med and won’t leave you frazzled or anxious at the jump.

In terms of blending, a 60/40 blend of MM and GWS can help us late to the party of removing various holiday decorations and prepare for spring cleaning. I found it to be pleasantly easy going as I began blending in different quantities and high suggest a stash for days when physical activity seems impossible.

Out of 5
While working this week I was faced with the task of marketing Merry Janes via social media outlets. I was disappointed but not discouraged to find myself drawing a blank to femme and poc personalities that weren’t tokenized for their cannabis use. Nothing but blanks trying to jog my memory of black mother’s who openly consume the plant. It was damn near impossible.

Merry Janes is truly embarking on revolutionary territory…

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