Author: Diya Soma

“People who are against the ban/against the wall don’t realize how their unchecked, latent xenophobia still seeps out even when they’re trying to be progressive.
“When produce triples in price you’ll be sorry”
That’s the benefit of having immigrants in this country to you? The ability to exploit their labor for affordable goods?
The ability to feel better about your 50k in student loans and you only make $12 an hour, but hey, at least you’re not picking tomatoes?
What kind of bullshit validation is that on the backs of folks risking it all for a CHANCE for what they think would be a better life?
Immigrants make this nation great because they’re people with determination and motivation akin to what our founding principles are supposed to stand for.
Immigrants are not only good for an occasional feel good/bootstrapping story, cheap strawberries and culture you can look down at, then turn around and appropriate.
My god
The fuck is wrong with y’all?”

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