What is Roaring Gold?

Roaring Gold is an evergrowing collection of essays, poetry, quotes, and media documenting and illustrating the lives and experiences of people of color within the social justice movements aimed at colonization, anti-blackness, and patriarchy.  RG concentrates on the empowerment and celebration of marginalized communities by centering and appreciating their voices in tangible ways.

The Anthology is our treasure trove: a library of exclusive content from an array of writers and creators telling their stories, speaking their truths; it is the heart and soul of this project.

The Blog area showcases community daydreams–whether it be a compelling speculation or a bit of comic relief, these are the things on our minds as we navigate the world.

By engaging Roaring Gold, members will equip themselves with the education and tools to continue their own journies of unpacking, to challenge themselves, and to enact change.

Get Involved

By subscribing to this project you are saying “I see you, I value you.”  For subscription details please visit our Support page.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis: if it’s important to you, it’s important that it’s heard. We encourage artists to use the Submissions page for all inquiries regarding submissions and pitches.


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